We Must Adopt a Zero Carbon Economy
Starting Now

Or Face Planetary Climate Catastrophe

Global climate change is the most critical factor affecting the future of life on Earth. Only with a zero carbon economy will be possible to stabilize the warming of the planet, and begin to reverse the deadly course humanity is on. The science on this is definitive.

Understanding global climate change is now terribly simple. The world has to cut atmospheric carbon emissions to (virtually) zero or it will be certain catastrophe.

The choice is no carbon or no future.

Peak oil or peak greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. There is no future with fossil fuels.

The problem for the future of humanity and life on Earth is that this understanding is being denied. It's being denied by all sectors of society. It's being denied even though a world run on renewal, safe, clean, perpetual energy, without being dependent on fossil fuels, is a far better world than our species has ever known.

The world is already experiencing "dangerous anthropogenic interference in the climate system." The question now is whether we can avoid catastrophic interference.

Dr. John P. Holdren, Presidential Science Advisor, USA, 2008

rising emissions mean catastrophe

Today's atmospheric Greenhouse Gas (GHG) levels are higher than ever, and they are accelerating. Today's fossil fuel carbon dioxide (C02) and methane emissions are at record highs.

It is a scientific fact that global warming cannot be stopped without stopping carbon dioxide emissions - which means stopping the burning of fossil fuels for energy. (This is something the world has been able to do for years.)

The only hope that the future has is that we face up to the full truth of this terrible situation. It is an inescapable fact that the entire world is today facing catastrophically dangerous global climate change and is in a state of planetary emergency. But this is denied by all but a few.

This site explains why this so - in ways that can be easily understood.

The 2007 Bali Climate Declaration by Scientists

The 2007 Bali Declaration by Scientists is the policy for reductions of emissions that all of civil society has adopted. It is for a bottom line reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions of only 50% (based on 1990 levels), and this reduction only by 2050.

This is a policy for certain climate catastrophe.

If the world continues with today's business-as-usual economy (which is the plan of the fossil fuel industries, the investment industry and world government leaders) the latest projections have the planet heated up 7° C by 2100 (Hadley & MIT).

Our species, and most all others, cannot survive global temperatures that high.

where will rising emissions stop?

These extreme temperatures would last for over 1,000 years.

Global warming of 6° C or above would render huge regions of the planet uninhabitable. Over hundreds of years, the cumulative damages would make the survival of humanity and most all life on Earth impossible.

Today's best policy proposals delay reduction of emissions to anything close to zero until 2050, and cannot stop the planet being heated to such unsurvivable levels. These proposals allow for the development of new fossil fuel energy sources and burning fossil fuels for decades.

They are proposals that guarantee the further acceleration of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from carbon feedbacks (such as the thawing permafrost in northern Canada and Siberia) and carbon sink failure.

History is a race between education and catastrophe.

H.G. Wells, author and futurist

What Can We Do?

Plan B 3.0

The only plan at present to be found that faces the reality of the emergency situation with a practical comprehensive emergency response is the Earth Policy Institute's Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester R. Brown.

You can learn more about it here. Please read it, download the slide show and spread the word to the world about it.

We can lead today's children towards a bright future—in the solar age. We are the only hope they have to live on a planet that has a future.

We have to change our world to save their world! We need to break through the deadly denial. We need to face up to the climate change truth, and encourage others to do so.

The best possible thing anyone can do right now to save the future of all humanity and life on Earth is to understand why our choice is between zero carbon emissions and climate catastrophe. And then spread the word.

children walking

This site seeks to educate people to take the actions that can avoid catastrophe. It explains why only zero carbon (that is, zero CO2 and methane emissions) starting now can offer any hope of a long future for humanity and life on planet Earth, and that this is completely doable—if we have the time and the will.

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